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Wazir Khan Mosque – Lahore

In the Mughal Era where different forts and gardens were built, religious activities were also kept in mind, we all know about the great Badshahi mosque just in front of Lahore fort but there is another numerous mosque, a remarkable artifact of Mughal era yes! We are talking about one and only “wazir khan mosque” located in the  walled city of Lahore. Wazir Khan Mosque is a exclusive memorial of Mughal architecture, perhaps one of the best examples of Mughal architectural traditions.Wazir Khan Mosque - LahoreThe mosque was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The construction started in 1634 and lasted for seven years. The mosque was named after Hakim Shaikh ILM-u-din Ansari, widely known as Wazir Khan, who was the governor of Lahore and the originator of the mosque’s construction.

Wazir Khan Mosque - Lahore
An external side view f mosque,captured from the bazar



The mosque was built on the site of the tomb of Syed Muhammed Is’haq, a (sufi bazurg) saint who had migrated from Iran to Lahore in the 13th century. In order to guarantee the financial stability of the Mosque Wazir Khan originated also the construction of a bathhouse and a bazar, both located next to the mosque.no a days bazar is very much busy and gives a typical look of old lahori bazar.

Wazir Khan Mosque has four lovely minarets that are standing in corners of the main yard. The Mosque was the first construction with minarets at each of its four corners built in Lahore. The mosque is built from brick and tile.it is also said that at the time of it’s construction the mosque was beautified with rich and unique stones and when ranjeet Singh left this area after ruling sighs pulled out all of these priceless stones with them. Each of its five compartments has a roof and an entrance to the main l courtyard. To the north and south of the courtyard galleries with double rows of arcade chambers are stretching out.

The beautiful minarets of mosque

The mosque is almost entirely decorated with glazed tile montages. These mosaics have survived from the Mughal period. The walls are decorated with floral patterns, masterful calligraphy verses from the Koran and Persian poetry. No wonder that the Mosque once was an important center for training Islamic calligraphers. The one who has watched Pakistani movie “khuda k  liay”some of the recordings were done in this mosque.The Mosque and the adjacent bazaar are one of the main touristic destinations in Lahore. Currently the Mosque is under repairs.

Wazir Khan Mosque || Aerial View || Lahore

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