In Thar Desert

Hi, this is Waqar Rauf Zafir and  I am fine art Landscape and travel photographer.photography is my blood and traveling is my passion.  I always wanted to experience real travel, wanted to know how a nomad experiences real adventures throughout his journey all alone and what hurdles does he face during his expeditions.

Since I am a nature lover so thrive for experiencing nature made me pack my bags and I left for the Northern Areas of Pakistan, currently known as Gilgit-Baltistan. The place which is famous for its highest peaks in the world. I learnt how I can survive living alone, spending nights with no electricity, phone, mobile and outer world. Only mountains, snow peaks, bright shiny stars and the rivers.

This Blog of mine is dedicated to only one thing : To portray the Real beautiful image of Pakistan and true rich Culture through my travels and photography. I’m a bad photographer and a worse writer but even then i would love to put what i feel about my country.

So go on, spend a night under the roof of bright shiny stars in Thar Desert,Since experience summer snow fall  in Gilgit-Baltistan, , check out farmers leaving for farm fields before sunrise in Punjab, Felt the real Cold weather in Swat which is located in KPK,Simply go on and Explore Pakistan, its not just me but everyone of you out there who can make it.There is only on province that i have never been there and that is Balochistan and InshaAllah One day i will be there.!