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History of Gurdwara Chowa sahib

Gurdwara Choa Sahib

      According to the History of Gurdwara Chowa sahib it is said that While traveling towards Mecca, Guru Nanak Dev Ji reached Rohtas. He arrived here from Tilla Jogian. Tilla Jogian is about 24 Kilometers from Rohtas Fort. After a long journey by foot in the summer, his disciple Mardana felt too thirsty. He requested Guru Nanak Dev Ji, “Lord, in this area, water is a rare commodity. Humans, animals and birds, all are affected by this scarcity.Guru Nanak Dev Ji then struck the earth with his cane and moved a stone, where appeared a spring of cool, clean and fresh water, and small rivulets started running from it. This water spring is called “Chowa,” (Chowa is a local word that means spring), hence this place got the name “Chowa Sahib.” Even today, the residents of the fort use the water of this spring.

the sacred pond of the gurdwara
The sacred pond

           About 25 years later, Sher Shah Suri built a magnificent fort adjacent to the Gurdwara. The sacred site of Gurdwara Choa Sahib Ji showing its splendor outside Kabuli Gate of Rohtas Fort is on the bank of River Kahan. Making use of the water, the spring Sher Shah Suri built in the fort in 1541, after he removed Humayun from this territory and with an aim to stop attacks from Durranis, he staged his army at the camp.

      The spring could not be brought into the complex of the fort despite 3 attempts as it sprang out of the fort every time. Now, it is outside the Western Gate of the fort. The 6th Guru, Hargobind Ji has also visited this Gurdwara. The Chief Charaat Singh made a concrete tank and a room where Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was established. He allotted one village as property, which however, was disaffiliated by the British regime.

           The Gurdwara was constructed outside Kabuli gate. The present building was constructed in the year 1834 on the orders of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is a beautiful building with River Ghan on one side and the fort on the other side with forest surrounding the remaining areas. The access to the building is from inside the fort.

                   This Shrine presents fascinating natural beauty surrounded by Kahan Stream, fort, trees and undergrowth. Rohtas Fort is a famous historical place of the sub-continent that is just 8 KMS-kilometers from Dina, from main GT road and then further just 1 KM is Gurdwara Choa Sahib Ji. Maharaja Ranjit Singh assigned 27 acres of land and 260 RS to it. A Fair is held on the 15th of Katak Sudi. There are 32 windows that keep the Gurdwara enlightened for the whole day. Due to the thickness of its outer walls of 4 feet, this makes it an all-weather structure. The serenity within and in the surroundings of the Gurdwara along with its superb landscapes makes it a unique place on earth. 

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