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The history of Multan

               If we talk about the history of Multan, we will know that it’s as ancient as the history of human beings. The antiquity of Multan cannot only easily absorb the history of Pakistan and India but also the history of the world.Hundreds and thousands of cities like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa dwelled and ruined, but the elderly city of Multan remained thousands of years ago and still lives.Many unsuccessful invaders came to destroy the city and turn it into ashes,But neither of them succeeded in their efforts and no one even remembers themBut the great city of Multan is still there and will remain there by the grace of Almighty Allah.

a historical shrine of multan
The Shrine Of Multan

Hazrat Bahauddin Zikaria (RA) praises the city of Multan in a very humble  manner relating it to a place like paradise.He himself was a great noble man of Islam and took part in many religious activities during his stay here.Hindus were on top in Hazrat’s era and many of the temples were participating in Hindu religious activities.But being impressed by the attitude and behavior of the Muslims and Sufis of Multan they also adopted Islam.Hazrat founded an institution for religious education named Madrisat-ul-Islamia,Later on it become Bahauddin Zikaria University and is considered to be one of the best universities worldwide.

River Ravi once flowed in the base of the ancient fort of Multan and once it was recognised as a port as well. Multan was easily accessible via boats from not only Sukkur and Bhakkar but also from Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kabul, Delhi and Deccan.This helped the city of Multan to gain educational, religious and vocational status at international level and from this region Islam not only reached India but also the world over.

Multan was originally glorified in the Islamic reign,when a young knight named Muhammad Bin Qasim in 712 emerged victorious.He populated approximately 10,000 Arabs here and also built a mosque.Multan has developed a lot after the declaration of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.The old city is limited inside the six doors with its old bazaars and streets.The six gates are Delhi Gate, Lohari Gate, Harm Gate, Paak Gate, Bohar Gate and Dollat Gate.

this historical shrine has a beautiful constructed
The beautiful architectof Shrine

The old city was very congested and hence there was no option, except to demolish and rebuild the architecture with modern design.However, the external areas of the city have expanded a lot.The Cantonment area has beautified and modernised. The lakes and garden also add to the grace of the city.Multan is also called the city of saints.Because there are hundreds shrines of saints.Many followers have been come here from all over the world to offer their love and respect.Special gifts of Multan are very famous These are garma, mangoes, bangles of elephant teeth, decoration pieces and Multani sweets are famous in all over the world.Multan is surrounded by the top quality of mangoes and oranges orchards.There is no change of them in the whole world.

There is an international airport, which remain busy 24 hours.Besides that there is a railway station, a bus stand, a vegetable market and a grain market

By which get the full benefit of the people of Multan and surroundings.There is a big hospital, a medical college, several government and private schools and colleges are there.A raag of Multan is very famous. This sings at the afternoon every day. The mother tongue of Multan is Siraiki.It heard in the sweet voices of the lock singers in many colours of Culture and heritage.



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