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Khudabad Mosque,Dadu.Sindh

Main entrance of the mosque
The Verandah of the mosque

      Khudabad is an ancient city located in Dadu District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is about 10 km from Dadu.History testifies that this small town has seen its rise in the past when it was the capital of Sindh during the Kalhora period.The Kalhora dynasty, like the Mughal rulers, focused on building mosques and tombs. This is the reason why such historical structures can be seen in Sindh province.Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro, a famous ruler of Kalhora dynasty, built a beautiful mosque at this place in 1718 which known as Khudabad Mosque.

The main hall
Beautiful art work on the walls

   The tomb of Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro is located a few kilometers away from this mosque.This beautiful mosque is undoubtedly a rare example of architecture. Its walls are adorned with rare specimens of Mughal and Islamic calligraphy. The mosque is built on a high platform which is about 8 feet above the ground. It is about 92 feet wide and 85 feet long.During the rule of Kalhora dynasty, this mosque was used not only as a religious school but also as a military training ground. About 5000 people can pray in this mosque. Thanks to its glass-like tiles, its architecture is of significant importance.

     The mosque consists of 3 parts. In the first part, 18 domes are visible, inside of which there is a captivating and beautiful work of famous Kashi carving of Sindh. Beautiful flower arrangements have also been made on these bricks.the walls of the mosque are about 7 feet thick which explains the reason behind its strength.the central dome is slightly larger than the other domes.The other part of the mosque consists of its porch. The length of this section is about 25 feet and the width is 85 feet. This section has 3 doors on which lotus flower patters are very beautifully displayed.

sider view of the mosque
     The third part of the mosque consists of a large and spacious courtyard. The courtyard is 95 feet long and around 90 feet wide. The main entrance of the mosque is made of wood which is 8 feet high. A few years ago, this mosque was in a very dilapidated condition, but recently, due to its proper conservation, its beauty has been restored to a great extent.
This place and mosque of Khudabad is a great heritage of this region. The maintenance and renovation of this and many other such historic buildings is not only the responsibility of the administration but as the citizen it is the duty of all of us to take care of our national heritage so that we may remain connected to our past in our future.
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