Trimmu Barrage,Jhang

Trimmu Barrage,Jhang


Barrage is located about one Kilometer Downstream of the    confluence point of River Jhelum and ChenabTrimmu Barrage was constructed from 1937 to 1939 on River Chenab along with its allied structures, i.e. R.G.B, L.G.B, R.M.B and L.M.B to irrigate the vast area of very fertile agriculture land, located on both sides of the is Situated at a distance of about 25 Kilometer from nearest city-Jhang.The Maximum designed flood discharge is 645000/875000 Cs and maximum pond level of 493.00 after Rehabilitation of Barrage.

Flood embankments and allied structures:

    The departmental pre flood inspection committee along with officers of Pak Army, Corps-I Kharian Cantt. conducted inspection of flood embankments and allied structured  on
27.03.2020 and found overall in satisfactory condition.


(KEY POINT = 1237-IB)

Longitude = E-72.14163

Latitude    = N-31.14569

Armed personnel from police department watch the key point 24 hours. In addition to it Irrigation Guards are also watching the sensitive point.Lighting system and cameras has also been installed to watch every activity at Trimmu Barrage.