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 Shawala Teja Singh Hindu temple – Sialkot

Temple Of Teja Singh

                          Pakistan is a Blessed Country as far as the Tourism attraction is concerned in it.From karachi to khyber we find different-sort of tourist spots.in the northern areas we find Natural beauty which God Almighty has created for mankind.But if  we have a close look on Province of Punjab, we find a-lot of tourism opportunities too. Remains are the signs of history and culture of every civilization. Sialkot is very famous city of punjab which has its own very Big History and culture.we all know Sialkot is very famous for it’s sports and surgical instruments,But we find very unique remain over there as well.It called “Shawala Teja Singh Hindu temple.

 Teja singh  Temple is located in Dharowal Mohallah near khakim Akhter ,Haji Nazir Ahmed market at Iqbal road at height of 100ft. From Iqbal Road,one has to climb up on staircases to reach the temple.This is a symbol of Hinduism in this area.it is said that Acording to ‘History of Sialkot’ by the late Rashid NiazThi,s temple is some 1,000 years old.

but as we  all know,Hindu community is also among those who always face the music From muslims of Sub continent,a Mob Attacked on the temple in 1992  and tried to destroy it.and it started remaining in bad condition.the local people say that now its just a place for drug  addicts.

 Hopefully the Remains dept. will pay some attentions towards it so that this temple could stay in better condition and once again attracts tourists.

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