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Beautiful Handmade Fan in Tharparkar

Beautiful Handmade Fan

Pakistani handicrafts display the culture and behaviors of Pakistan. Handcraft is something which is made by hands and it’s very unique in every side. In present reign we all are addicted to machine made items. but due to this manufacturing we are forgetting the true hard work and ability of The “Hunarmands”of our Pakistan.beautiful handmade fans are also one of those crafts.

   In Pakistan mostly we face the summer season but just imagine we are peoples of Thar desert it becomes worse, the scorching sun just destroy your skin. But the question is what to do in these condition? Let me show you something beautiful about tharparkar, something marvelous about the hard workers of that’s place and what they are making over there. Most of us would be familiar to the handmade fans, made by the dry leaves of date but in tharparkar it’s being made with the beautiful peacock’s feathers.

          When I visited Tharparkar it was too hot over there. But hard workers of that place were playing with these lovely feathers.

This colorful and beautifully designed hand fan is the great creation of admirably brilliant people of tharparkar. This strength of mind is because of the plenty amount of various ingredients used such as, pink and red silk fabric, wood for constructing handle and base and any other material is also included for creating fan more stylishly gorgeous, but remember the peacock’s feather would remain the most imp chunk of it.

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