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The Bangles Art of Hyderabad

                   When we talk about Hyderabad,few things come to mind automatically e-g the Haji rabri,Bombay bakers and Bangles etc but at the moment i will try to explain the bangles art ,i experienced.I never knew that the bangles industry is so huge,i asked one of my host to take me to that factory.i did not remember the exact location but it was some 15 km away from the main city. when i entered in the factory a truck was off loading some glass bottles,i was told that these are the bottles which are melted and bangles are made of these, now this was a new thing for me,i thought some special glass is used for this purpose.

                     A Huge stove or burner was activated,fire was at its very high temperate,the glass was being put in it to get melted,some lime powder was also being used to clean it, a very thin layer of the melted layer of glass was coming down from the stove which was further getting on a speed moving role, i asked about that role, the reply was “This is the role of bangles according to its size”it was am automatic system which was so fast. it was back to back process that the hot melted layer was getting rolled on that Rod and bangles were getting generated.

                    Actually that was a raw form of bangles or the colorless form.there was a full section of few men who were getting each bangle separated from other.the diamond needle was in use for this work.the next step was to give colors and patterns to bangles.for this work in interior Hyderabad there are many small markets,the shops are spread in the streets ,there are many bangles artist who are showing their magic. some of them were making bangles stronger which is basically called “Tanka lagana”the job was being done on fire’s flames. painting and give them some decent shine polish was are being done there.

           At the end few pattern masters were making bangles more attractive and colorful and this is how these bangles are made,i never saw these bangles in such a huge quantity anywhere in Pakistan but in Hyderabad only.






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