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“DHOL”-A Mark Of musical instument

A Boy is Beating The drum at famous well in sindh called "the well of Marvi"

                Music has been the part of different cultures, religions and Areas. This is something which cannot be totally denied. Many people do they worships with music. Like Hindus bang the big bell and some other followers of diff. religions have some other tools and methods. Islam is a religion of truth and it doesn’t accept such way of worship at all. But in this very period of time everyone is surrounded by music e-g the ring tone of Mobile phone, diff channels play diff sounds for diff programs.so to some extant it’s been the part of our lives and it’s very difficult to get rid of it.

           As far as the musical instruments are concerned there are many. each region has its own culture. I will try to highlight something about Pakistani culture. I would like to write something about a traditional musical instrument of Pakistan and that’s called “DHOL”.Dhol is a cultural and traditional tool of Pakistani music. In Pakistan from olden time this traditional and typical music tool is in fashion. At any occasion like wedding, , winnings achievements, Religious Occasions , Dhol is there to add more excitement and interest to your happiness. Dhols are available in different sizes and designs. Many people on weddings use to beat themselves, however, there are some professionals Who bang it jobwise. In fact, dhol is a thing which makes your occasion more power full and fun full.

Dhol is a very vital element of Pakistani culture and you will find it almost each and every where In Pakistan. Especially if you visit any shrine you wil see the  People and lovers acting some special types of dances like bhangra, luddi with the beat of dhol. In Pakistan there are four main cultures like Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pukhtoons and all are having some different cultural primacies, however, dhol is a shared component which you will find equally popular in all the four cultures of Pakistan. Not Only Men Rather women even children can also be seen,enjoying the heart touching beats of Dhol and celebrate their best moments with full passion.

Apart from religious boundaries ,this dhol beating has been the part of rich culture and adding the shades  in Pakistani ethos.”Long Live Pakistan”

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