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Colorful “Barf Ka Gola” (Ice Candy)

Here You Go!Enjoy The Taste Of Sweet Gola.

Today’s interesting topic is BARAF KA GOLA.well every state, region and even local regional people have their own perception and to supply to that everyone has their own style of food, dishes and own recipes. In sub-continent, while Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have hundreds of dishes related to rice and fishes alone, it’s the rich Pakistani and Indian culture that have thousands of recipes. In Pakistan, we have regional dishes and food and then there are dishes popular country wide. In KPK, food and recipes are inspired from neighboring Afghanistan, Punjab has a rich culture, Sindh and Baluchistan have their own traditional food. In Gilgit Baltistan Vegetables are very liked due to its neighborhood with china and of course they have their own traditional foods as well.

baraf ka gola at its best
 Baraf ka Gola is Under Process

           Apart from this, I would like to say that here I don’t mean that when you talk about traditional foods it always mean that we are talking about the dishes who have a lot of Ingredients, which are baked or cooked etc etc. rather, there are few things which are eaten as they are by nature or by adding few minor flavors In it and these traditional food items have some relation to childhood or earlier age.

  Every Pakistani would remember his/her childhood that we all were very fond  of something colorful, something which was made of ice, and something that had a sweet flavors on it. YES! I’m talking about “BARAF KA GOLA” or if you are very fond of giving so called English name then you say “ice candy “as well. In our school days it used to be a delicious food item for me, though we knew that it can affect our throat badly but we had to have it any cost.the man had a small trolley with a hand machine on it,used to crush the ice.after giving giving a an oval shape few sweet fluids were sued to be added and here you go!the chilled colorful Baraf Ka Gola is ready. And this is how it’s still available in our beautiful Pakistan.in big cities it difficult to find it but town and villages are still having this delicious food and adding the colors to the kid’s childhood.

baraf ka gola and its colours
Here You Go!Enjoy The Taste Of Sweet Gola
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