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Wonderful Suspension Bridge Of Danyore

Denyore bridge

                 The Karakorum Highway is among the modern wonders of the world and great magnetic attraction for its prettiness and grace. After reaching Gilgit it passes through a beautiful and green lush landscape of village namely Danyore, which is also a Tehsil in district Gilgit in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.The Danyore is located across the river Gilgit in the country side of regional capital of Gilgit-Baltistan.Interesting thing about reaching Danyore is it’s wonderful  Suspension bridge which connects it with gilgit city.

         The Suspension bridge Of Danyore

  Danyore Suspension Bridge is a 510-feet-long bridge connected to a 10-metre curve tunnel.The bridge connects Gilgit to Danyore across the River Hunza and was constructed in mid-sixties. Currently the bridge is closed for vehicles and only walkers are allowed to pass through after being declared unsafe by the district administration. Locals say the crossing is a test of a driver’s skill and nerves and add that an sudden stop can leave a vehicle stranded on the middle of the stream. Alternatively, a two way concrete bridge has also been built which started functioning few years ago Before the suspension bridge, a boat was used which was locally called Jaloo, so to avoid difficulty by travelling by boat, in 1960s, the suspension bridge was constructed to ease the crossing of river.Once you are in Danyore don’t forget ti visit it’a famous Chinese Graveyard as well.

            Here the Tunnel starts From


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