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Travel Dreams For a True Traveller

the snake charmer is trying to charm his snake at mail,thatta
The Snake Charmer at Makli Necropolis,Thatta

         if I ask what are the travel dreams For a True Traveller or what is your one travel dream more than all other travel dreams, are you dream of and hope to go to in your lifetime?

if you go to Hyderabad sindh, never forget to have famous mutton Karahi of Hala naka and be a good traveller
Hala Naka is a famous food point in district Hyderabad,Sindh
the internal view of shofar fort, Gilgit Baltistan, I captured this image as a true traveller
Shigar Fort,Gilgit Baltistan

 Real travel is when you take to use open road and you accept everything what comes your way be thrilling, joyful, difficult or depressing. This is what original explorers did. This sense of wonder is crucial unfortunately efficiency and technology are killing our sense of wonder which is the very thing made us want to travel in the first place. Today travel is almost entirely predictable. We can look at Rani Kot Fort on our internet and we can see thousand pictures of this Fort. So that when we finally go Sindh and explore the Fort ourselves we are not experiencing the Fort, we’re comparing it to everything what technology has told us about it. This means that we have lost something from this experience of travel. Just because we can fly doesn’t mean we always have to feel sometimes in life. We should take the bus and go slowly, enjoy and embrace every discovery as it comes to us. Taking a bus, taking public   transportation halfway around the world taught me to trust total strangers. I was at the mercy of strangers all of this time.   

         Now there are villains out in the world where are evil people, who do evil things to one another but they are minority thank goodness most people are wonderful and trustworthy and travel teaches us this constantly the opposite to wonder is terror and unfortunately we live in a day and age that is defined by terror. It defines the way we travel. Right now! We are being taught to be afraid of everything. Infect I think, we are more afraid now. The only antidote to terror is trust and the way that we gain trust is through travel. Travel is one of the greatest human freedoms ever. I’ll say it again, ‘travel is one of the greatest human freedoms ever.

the lower Jhelum canal is beautiful to watch near rasool barrage
Sunset at Lower Jhelum Canal

         All of our lives are in the present tense right now. We want to control the story. We want to add certain teachers but if you do that too much not only do, we delete the sense of wonder about our lives but maybe we come out another possibility another discovery that is for more invigorating and enlightening and perfect for us individually.

         My message is very simple, ‘we need to plan blank, don’t be a tourist in your life. Taking pictures as it happens, instead we need to travel.

the nudist stupa in Kpk of Pakistan attracts all traveller and explorers
A Buddhist Stupa,Swat


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