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Red Chilli Market,Kunri-Sindh

       I had heard a lot about kunri,a tehsil in Umarkot district.Kunri is very much known for its red chilli production. Once I saw a photograph of kunri’s chili market, this photo was captured the great photographer “Nadeem khawar” so that picture got printed in my mind and I decided to visit that market if I ever get a chance.

Red Chilli Market,Kunri-Sindh
Hustle and bustle of the market

I started my journey for kunri from umarkot city where I photographed the famous umarkot fort as well. I had to reach mipurkhas via kunri, from umarkot kunri is nearly 40 km so within an hour you can reach there easily. The road is also nice and comfortable. Someone from district administration was waiting for me to lead me towards that chilly market.

Red Chilli Market,Kunri-Sindh
The Chilli at its best

I did not know the exact location of that market but I mind started knowing I got nearby. There was some pepper smell, wet eyes, itchy nose and throat and in a moment I was standing in Asia’s biggest red chili market. Welcome to kunri and its red chilly. If someone ever plan to visit that market he/she must keep few things with them e-g mask, wet tissue, water and I was having nothing among all these things.as I was just exited to photograph the environment so nothing was disturbing me much.


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