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The Beauty Of Ganga Choti , Azad Kashmir

The Beauty Of Ganga choti at it's peak.

      Everyone Among is very familiar with the name of azad kashmir, which is also called “the heaven on hearth.The lush green Meadows Give comfort to the eyes. you explore the valleys of kashmir and you just simply get mesmerized By it’s scenic beauty. Ganga Peak, more commonly known as Ganga Choti among locals is located in the Bagh district of Azad Kashmir.It can also be seen from the bagh city.people of that area also call it the crown of Bagh. The peak  has an altitude of 3045 meters.  Hike for Ganga choti starts from the town of Sudhan Gali which is at a height of 2200 meters from sea level. The trekking will take around four hours to get on it’s top. the moment you start your hiking or trekking towards it’s top, the cold chill weather just takes you in it’s arms. the fresh air makes you feel very relax and happy.

From its top you have  a fantastic over view of Bagh city. Cricket is one of the most popular game in Pakistan and its played almost everywhere, from the top of Ganga choti , you will see a place made by locals for playing cricket. There is a thick green grass everywhere but in the middle of that a cricket pitch is prepared.

Due to it’s Green grass this place is also become a beautiful meadow. You see diff animals moving here and there and pasturing. sheeps,mules and horses are the common animals which are found there.

The place where its hiking starts is called “sudhan gali” its a small town. there very few good hotels to stay in.one is under azad kashmir ‘s tourism department and another one is under PWD so you have to reserve your room well before in time, especially in peek season its become very difficult to get place there. camping can also be done somewhere in this area because this place is fully green and beautiful.



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