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The colours Of Thar Desert

Road heading Towards Mithi

         Sindh Province is also full of tourism Destinations. specially the colours of thar desert. Though We don’t get lush green mountains with snow that everyone love to see in the northern areas of our country. Rather we get something different and unique in it.the Wildness and Roughness of desserts can be found in Sindh province. Mithi is also located in Sindh and it has ts own colours or you can say it’s in the interior Sindh where you find the real beauty of thar dessert.I am so lucky about my traveling that I have been to this beautiful place,the place of hospitality and the place of rich culture YES! We are talking about Mithi. For mithi first we have to reach Hyderabad and then we start our final journey towards mithi.

        The distance between Hyderabad and mithi is around 200km approx. When you go a bit far from Hyderabad the scenic beauty starts changing and you start feeling the beauty of thari culture.Mithi is a city of Hindu religion.around 80 % people are Hindus and just 20 % people belong to islam,and that’s a true example of brother hood and harmony.mithi is the district head  quarter.this city has also a special place for it’s over view.this particular place is called “Bhitt”by the locals.after getting busy in the hustle and bustle of daily life people go at this Bhitt and get relaxed .The Night view Of Mithi from this place is simply Awesome.

Another Uniqueness of Mithi is it’s handi crafts.Beautiful handwork is done on clothes.in urdu it’s called “kashida kari”or “karhae”it taked weeks just to repair s small piece of cloth which is stiched on shirts after wards .the shawls are also famous in mithi.it looks something amazing that mithi is a tropical area,in summers its temperature goes near 50 degree centigrade or higher but very warm shawals are being prepared in this hot city.the shawls are made on “khadi”.this hand made items are really popular in whole Pakistan and its playing a vital role in the income of Pakistan.

The beauty Of Hand work In Mithi

The colors of Thar Desert || Sindh || Pakistan
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