My Tour To Sindh

My Tour To Sindh

Once I read a quote of Ibn e Batuta that “Traveling Leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Few days ago I came back after having a memorable 2 weeks tour to Sindh, I travelled to interior as well as to upper Sindh as well. i don’t know whether I’m a storyteller or not but always had an ambition to travel and do some photography because photography itself is a way of storytelling.

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   When you love something or passionate about something you get inspired by things or people related to them. If I talk about photography is always been one of my most desired hobby. And get some inspiration about It I have been following two class acts. Mr salman Rashid who is one of the best English travel writer in Pakistan he is the only Pakistani who has seen the north face of k2 and it was quite enough for me to get some serious inspiration about traveling from him. Once he said to me “you don’t do places, you experience places”

             Once with Mr Salman Rashid

                     For photography if  someone has a photographer like “Nadeem khawar” around him then what more inspiration someone would need to do the art of photography and specially I’m talking about Landscape photography. These two people I just mentioned always guided me well in term of traveling and photography.

But this time before making my plans final, I got some inspiration from a new person, who is neither a travel writer nor a photographer but worked like as it too, a program host who showed the beauty of Pakistan in a new and attracting way,that gave me a new twist in traveling. Yes,im talking about chef Sadat and his program “National ka Pakistan”. This was the program which pushed me to travel to interior Sindh and feel its beauty, to taste its foods and know the history and the culture of Sindh.

                  Mr Nadeem Khawar

                  So I decided to explore Sindh, I tried to capture the crafts work of Sindh like khadi work in mithi desert, the beautiful ajrak and kashi work of Hala and bangles making of Hyderabad etc and then the monuments of Sindh like its forts and historical graveyards.

                 I will try to write something on each craft or monument I captured in next posts, so readers could get some good information from that.

Chef Sadat
The Title Of My Sindh Series